Jun 25, 2017


A much more summer appropriate way to wear this shirt, originally seen here. It's no breakthrough discovery but it's kind of neat what a simple tuck of the collars inside and tying of the bottom can do to change the look of a shirt. Though I don't love wearing silk in the summer time, it's fine when you know you're going straight into an AC-blasting room (which I was that night). In any case, I'll surely be styling all my linen and cotton button ups this way now. No bra necessary, because it's nice to let the ladies breathe a bit in the summertime ;). For reference, I'm wearing a size 2 in this shirt (shop it here).


  1. Such a beautiful way to style for summer. No bras are the way to go!! You look so chic xx

  2. Very lovely! You always have the best lip colors too. I'm a "petite" woman, but am still a 34FF. Sadly, no braless for me. Or bralettes. Sigh.

  3. Cool look! and inspired me as well! Great idea girl :)

    xxx Ria

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