Jun 19, 2017


It's been a strange June in NYC – it's 96 degrees one day and 60 the next. Overall humidity has been low though, until yesterday, that is. Summer is definitely here now. I tried to stay cool in this very feminine top (perhaps way more feminine than my usual taste but just so pretty), and these new white sandals which are reminiscent of the classic Hermes Oran style (oops, looks like white is sold out for now). I also had a dozen inquiries about this lipstick after posting on my IG stories, and it is the Bare Minerals Statement Matte in Devious.

Breakfast at l'estudio (above) has become a favorite. I love that they serve Panther coffee. The baked skillet eggs are a must.

I bought these Moussy jeans in Tokyo and have been living in them since. Of course, I can't seem to find the exact pair online, but you can find this cult Japanese brand here and here. What I love about this pair is the extra high-rise and the fact that it has a zipper fly. So many boyfriend jeans styles come with the button fly which I find to be an extra pain in the ass. Also they barely need hemming, which is rare for me. Just a cuff will do. I finished this look with this blush backpack... which gave me free hands to carry home the new plant I picked up at the just-opened Cactus Shop pop-up (below)!

All shot on the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens for Canon.

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  1. Hi! Love this post, can I ask where your rings are from?

  2. Hi Alice! Love the outfit in this post ❤️ Also I was wondering what app or tool do you use to make your collages/ solid colored background to frame your pictures? Thank!

  3. Hey! Love Moussy jeans too. I buy all my clothes from Japan when I go back and visit every year. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights. I was wondering a similar thing to Elaine above on how you do your amazing collages in Insta stories where you do a more magazine style layout with multiple videos but freestyle it? Would love to know if it's an app or photo shop and I have searched for years and have never found something up to my standards. You have set the bar so high and it's just the ticket! :)

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