Jul 22, 2015


I'm back from France but unpacking and repacking for an editorial travel job up in CT for the next few days. I am dying to work on a longer blog post from my trip, but barely have enough hours in a day as it is, so will gently put it on hold for now. I love the recent colors on my Instagram feed so much that I'm so sad to break it and have to start posting sad grey, not so vibrant things again. On the flip side, I've really missed my morning coffee routine (have had way too many terrible, expensive espressos) and am so thankful to have that for a day or two again. After CT, I'm headed to SF for a wedding and a proper west coast trip... already dreaming of the west coast light and Big Sur.

Though I love being on the go constantly, everything has basically exploded over my apartment and I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch up in the interim, and still trying (or failing) to meet the demands of my job. It's a tricky balance and not actually all that fun and games despite the carefreeness that might be portrayed on social media. In the end, it's still incredibly fulfilling and I wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. Love this image. The crispness and colour are stellar. Makes me feel like i'm there!



  2. I know the feeling, I've been freelancing with my blog and photography for a few months and constantly trying to catch up with the work! Definitely not all fun and games, but rewarding at the end of the day!

  3. I can't wait to see a post about your trip. I would love to go to Paris one day!


  4. What is your daily coffee routine?

  5. Hey Alice!

    I love living vicariously through your life when you travel. This photo gives me such life. Fantastic!

    Gigi B.

    Ps. I have also been enjoying you on Snapchat as well. Love it! Safe travels my love.

  6. Alice it's so wonderful that you're enjoying your job so much. I'm a little jealous to be honest but I'm glad to see people like you around because that's a sign of hope! ;)))


  7. Wow that photo is so vibrant. Which photo apps do you use on your iPhone?

    1. I typically use Snapseed and now I've been trying out AnalogFilm.

  8. Terima kasih atas informasinya semoga bermanfaat dan berguna amin ...

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