Jul 30, 2015

Shiny Little Things

Though I've been on a self-imposed makeup-buying ban, a girl just can't help herself sometimes. It's the easiest pick-me-up I know of, and the superficial aesthete in me loves trying new brands if even just for their beautiful packaging. I'm also heading to SF tomorrow (on a 6am flight, why?!) and I have a bad habit of picking up a few new things each time I travel somewhere (which has been quite a bit this year...).

Whenever I see a bright red lipstick with slight tinges of orange or coral, I know it'll probably be a winner. A lot of pinks and berries just don't look good on my skin tone. And it's a bigger bonus if the lipstick is matte, like this one that I just picked up by Charlotte Tilbury. I find that matte finishes tend to last longer for me, even through drink and food.

A makeup artist I worked with recently introduced me to Kjaer Weis, an organic and natural makeup brand that still feels luxurious and sleek. The packaging is amazing. The compact feels like a solid piece of metal and it's refillable so now I can just buy refills when I'm done. I'm starting my collection with this cream blush, which I tried immediately after photographing and love how easily it glides on and blends.

And if you're curious, this tiny bag is the YSL Camera Bag. I picked it up a few months ago as a cute evening bag option, but it juuuust barely fits my iPhone 6+, so I haven't used it quite as much as I should have. These shiny sunglasses are from Anne et Valentin. The wee little perfume is from a Tom Ford mini collection pack, which seems to have been only available over the holidays.

Now I'm looking forward to escaping these near 100-degree days for a nice cool SF!


  1. New makeup is so wonderful!


  2. Bon voyage, Alice. Adore your style and your blog posts!

  3. I love the little YSL bag.


  4. You have the best picks. That YSL camera bag is gorgeous! The weather has been so lovely here in SF, hope you enjoy your trip here x

    Sophia / sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  5. Beautiful as always!
    I hope this isn't an odd question, but do you think you'll ever share the more business side of things on your blog (or elsewhere)? Specifically, I mean little things about how you like to do invoicing/accounting, workflow, etc? I really admire your work, and would really like to better organize the way I run my business. There are a lot of info about this from designers and bloggers but I am curious about how other photographers like to do things.

    1. You know, it'd definitely be an interesting topic, but probably hard to do that on something like my blog which is mostly visuals. I think if I ever did a workshop or anything, I would also talk about the business side of things in addition to the creative! Though I'm still figuring out much of that part myself haha.

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  7. may I call you queen of flatlay shots, please? I mean, these shots may as well bacome iconic
    September Rules

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  10. in love with that shade of lipstick!

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