Jun 12, 2015

Paris Nouvelle Vague

Any assignment that brings me to Paris is a dream assignment. The beauty of that city never ceases to impress me, even after six visits now. I joke to friends that it seems impossible to find an "ugly" apartment there, because from what you see on the streets, everything is so damn beautiful! (No I'm not naive enough to actually believe this sentiment, but it's an exaggeration that gets my point across.) On this past trip, I had the honor of photographing the new Paris Nouvelle Vague collection by Cartier in the very city that inspired the collection. The three main sources of inspiration for the collection – a winding city stroll, the energy of a Parisian night, and indulging in a sweet delight – can really be felt in the craftsmanship and design of the pieces.

When I set out to interpret the three chapters, I wanted a mix of a more literal approach and one that felt more loose and open. Ultimately the goal of course was to highlight these exciting jewelry pieces against the backdrop of Paris. The first set of photos below is based off the inspiration of a city stroll. I wanted to set the tone with classic views of Paris.

The next set illustrates the charm of a Parisian night. There is something about that clock at the Museé D'Orsay that I've always found enchanting. There is a loose progression of a night here (the inclusion of rosé is a must, of course).

And finally, exquisite delights, the last chapter, is all about the temptation of Parisian sweets. You don't have to think twice about this one. Between fighting pigeons off my pastries (seriously I think the pigeons were more aggressive than NYC pigeons!) and having to resist eating everything before they got photographed, it was a damn fun time. I included flowers in this set, because to me, they're part of the exquisite delights of Paris.

As I mentioned briefly in this post, the more I come to this city, the more I want to go and spend more time. Though I still find NY inspiring, there's nothing quite like the walking and discovery in Paris. I keep thinking the novelty will wear off, but then I go again and find more things to love. I feel super fortunate for having clients who see the beauty and magic in this city and allowing me to go and capture it.

(Huge thanks to Liana for her hand-modeling and wielding my camera for the photos of me.)


  1. gosh, it's a really pretty photos :) hope that you will have another chance to visit and strolling Paris more often!

  2. The pictures are wonderful!!! can't wait to be back in Paris for a couple of days!

    Vicky // The Golden Bun

  3. That neck piece looks stunning on you.

  4. Wow your photography is just stunning. You capture Paris' beauty in every shot. I particularly like the shot of you holding your hand out (I assume hailing a taxi/cab?!) Great post.

    The Runaway Journal

  5. I love the concept of this assignment! The jewelry is absolutely beautiful as well.
    Honestly, I cannot wait to go to Paris. I feel like, even if some of the apartments aren't nice, there would still be a romantic aura to them. I mean, you're in Paris, how bad could it be?

  6. These images are beautiful Alice! I love the mood

  7. It's so wonderful photography. I like your concept and style. I wish I got opportunity like you soon. Paris is my dream place.

    Enany | http://nina-neulrin.blogspot.com

  8. actually when we like a city or a person have find it with lots of charm, very authentic photos of my city thanks!

  9. Absolutely beautiful photos. They make me want to get on a plane to Paris yesterday ;)

  10. Thanks for the great read. I’m getting “Reise Fieber” as they say in German, just watching the gorgeous pictures … such a beautiful world !

  11. Very inspiring the way you use the photos to visually connect the Cartier collection's inspiration with the romance & beauty of Paris. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  12. Beautiful photos, as always!

    Is the grid-like pattern of the nail polish on your (?) ring finger meant to resemble the bracelet in the second shot, or is that a coincidence (or am I just mis-seeing)?

    1. YES! You noticed!! I'm so happy you caught that. My manicurist was inspired to make that design after I showed her some photos of the collection.

  13. Absolutely beautiful photos. So dreamy! It must've been nerve wrecking wearing tens of thousands worth of jewelry on the streets of Paris. That'll make me break out in cold sweat.

  14. Such a beautiful take on Paris. I spent a weekend there recently, and these shots capture the place perfectly.

    Charlotte xx

  15. beautiful ! I love your strap also, where did you find it ?


  16. Fantastic jewellery photos!