Apr 26, 2015

Ode to linen

I might be getting a little ahead of myself in hunting for linen pieces for summer – since I'm still shivering at the morning/night temperatures here – but I couldn't help add these two perfect pieces to the summer rotation. I've always said I just want to live in airy linen tank tops during NYC humid summers, but surprisingly there aren't that many good options out there. I mean, why don't more brands make quality linen basics? Enter this Samuji cropped linen tank top, in a super pretty shade of pale green. I hadn't heard of Samuji before, but they are based in Helsinki and all of their products are simple and seem great for every-day wear. I love the tent-like fit on the bottom; I need all the breathability I can get in the summer.

For slightly cooler days, I'll have this linen Mens-y shirt. I originally went into Rachel Comey hoping to add some print or something more fun to my closet, but somehow I ended up in the dressing room with, like, four variations of white button ups... I can't break my ways! I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it, so that helped justify the price point a bit.

I did search for other linen options in lower price points and rounded them up here:
- This simple slip would look great with a wide-brimmed hat.
- I may have to pick up one of these striped tanks. (Or similarly, this one, which I've had on my wishlist for a while now.) Can't go wrong with either.
- And hello, I would not mind tucking that tank into these linen shorts.
- For a true bargain, there's always Everlane to fall back on. They just launched a linen line last week.

I'm ready. Bring on the humidity (but actually, please don't!).


  1. I love the white shirt. I wish I could afford it 😭

    Iona (fromfive.blogspot.com)

  2. Hi Alice!

    Great options for summer! But more importantly; how the heck do you get such a perfect skin? It looks unbelievably smooth and flawless! Maybe you could share something about your skincare routine? I would love to read about how you maintain such an enviable complexion!


    1. Haha you're too kind. I think it's largely lighting and makeup. If I were to show you a close up with no makeup of my face, you'd hardly think it was flawless! That said, I know if I cut out sugar and alcohol in my life, it would probably be a lot better...

  3. You made these basics look so good! Love love love! XO

    Shall We Sasa

  4. I don't normally deal with linen all that well because they crease so easily and badly but you made it sound like a good idea to wear one regardless... haha!

  5. I'm not looking forward to the NYC humidity either, but with these lightweight linens it may be bearable! : ) Great post and lovely photography as always.


  6. What lipstick are you wearing? It is the perfect color!

  7. Yeah, I'm gonna need that cropped linen tank. These are gorgeous Alice!

  8. white as a ship sail in the wind

  9. the tailoring and texturing....i'm going weak in the knees!

  10. The shirt is perfection... I guess I need one like this in my life!
    September Rules

  11. Boy, do you ever photograph well.

  12. Beautiful post, Alice! Where are your jeans from?

  13. Hi Alice! May I know your nail polish in this one? :)