Apr 21, 2015

Back to Neutrals

As much as I've been a bit more conscious about color in my wardrobe, when it comes down to it, I reach for the same old neutral pieces. Mid-rise denim, slip-ons and baggy lightweight sweaters are the main components to my uniform this spring. I've just returned from LA where I wore this outfit on a cooler day. After my boyfriend-jean binge, I really wanted to find more fitted mid- or high-rise denim to wear with all the crop tops I'm accumulating. I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair from Madewell that worked well so I grabbed them in both the vintage black wash and a medium blue. Though the site calls them high-rise, I feel they're more of a mid-rise which may even be more flattering.

I ordered this lightweight sweater as soon as it came out to test, and now I want the whole range of styles and colors! The main issue I have with it is length, so I'll almost always tuck in non-cropped sweaters.

Max Mara Trench (old, but here's a similar much more wallet-friendly alternative) // Madewell Jeans // Everlane Sweater // Common Projects Slip-Ons


  1. the way you lay out your photos is brilliant, it reminds me of a hip magazine

    ps. i am so excited that you were featured in bloglovin'!!! i have been following you since forever and when i saw your name pop up i just thought YES, this is who they should be featuring, finally. congratulations, alice :)

  2. I got a pair of mid-rise as well although I really wanted the high rise... Like you mentioned they are actually more flattering on my body shape... Will keep searching for the perfect high waisted pair though!

  3. Much to my surprise...I recently knew of Alice Gao's photography and decided to see what is new and happened about this blog... lingeredupon.
    What is it about people doing selfies on blogs...just because you have a new outfit does not mean the world need to see it (or 6 different angles of it).
    Alice, I love your photography and I don't mean to hurt your feelings, leave the modelling to models. Sure you have a new outfit as everyone does
    too at some time...If you don't bring a unique and remarkable sense of fashion and you're just showing off your new outfit, it seems a bit shallow.
    Do what you do best...show off your photographic skills...That is what you're known for. If I want to see fashion or fashion selfies... there are actual models by the truck full.... Just saying.

  4. if i may ask, what size did you get for the sweater? is it true to size?

    1. I got the XS and it's pretty roomy, so it's probably a bit big to size.

  5. Love the outfit. It is refreshing to see personal style that is not straight from the runway or Carnaval.