Apr 13, 2015

Amulette de Cartier -- Lapis Lazuli

I feel like a broken record when I talk about wanting to add more color into my wardrobe, and then doubly so when every time I do it, it's with some combination of blue and green. I guess I'm a one trick pony! I'm so honored to be working with Cartier once again to create a series of posts dedicated to the new colored Amulette collection (see last year's posts here). The Lapis Lazuli version is a beautiful intense blue with specks of darker silvers and a subtle shimmer. Though I felt a little out of my element in so much color at once, I also felt a bit more daring than usual (like I could more easily get myself caught in some adventure). And of course, playing up the allure of the Amulette is always a fun journey in itself.

Shot on a very windy day in Tribeca.


  1. Love the color combination of your outfit! Xo

    Shall We Sasa

  2. I love the pendent and even more so as lapis is one of my favourite stones.


  3. Love the jacket! My mom has one that is very similar but in yellow.

  4. Beautiful color combination and I love the extra pop of color on your nails.

  5. L'Amulette is amazing! Beautiful blues and deep jewel color combination! Love your Olumpia Le Tan clutch!;-)

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  6. The first shot is absolutely amazing and really moved me for some reason. I cannot put my finger on why, and I think when it comes to art that means you've knocked it out of the park ;)