Dec 16, 2013

Instagram Photo Calendar for 2014

Better late than never, I hope. I've actually been sitting on these calendars for over a month now and finally am getting around to listing them. After last year and producing all the calendars myself, I swore I would outsource printing if I did it again. Well, I was overly ambitious and decided to try again this year with a new (nicer) paper and printing just a limited edition. Due to extreme technical difficulty and time constraints, I was only able to produce 15 this year. I wanted to give up many times, but each calendar was really a labor of love and I can't wait for them to get put to use and go to good homes. I am selling them at a higher price point this year due to the limited quantity and production costs. I hope you'll think of it as getting 12 photo prints, in addition to a 2014 calendar.

This year, I've printed on 5x7 paper and have the photos flush to the edge for a cleaner look. Some calendars will vary in the photos, so the one I've shown here may not be the exact one you receive. Each will be numbered with its edition.

Thank you kindly for your support!


  1. Amazing photos. Amazing idea.


  2. Looking forward to getting it in the mail!

  3. looks so good. love it! a real labour of love — it shows.

  4. These look amazing, I always love your work.

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  6. Amazing!! I love your photos!

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