Aug 23, 2012


I know I've been quiet here, but in a way that signals good news - it means I'm likely out doing more and shooting more (or slacking off and guiltily watching HGTV shows online... one or the other ;)). But I do miss blogging daily! I've done a bunch of fun Serious Eats shoots this month - here's a little overview of a few of them (with links to the full article/slideshow).

Dassara Ramen

Cocktails at Neta

New food items at Maison Premiere

Luckily for me, I got to sample everything you see. Although, the only reason I didn't finish all the ramen was because I was heading straight for a second 5+ course dinner that night. Rough life, I know.


  1. whoa! fancy and amazing. these photos are so good, alice. i especially love the drink ones!

  2. That food from Maison looks amazing! I'm positive that it tasted just as good ;)

  3. Lucky you, eating all tht good stuff. I'd hate to be so full though.

    Anna x

  4. Oh my, I'm drooling like crazy.

  5. Ah, these pictures are stunning, as always. And now my tummy is rumbling!

  6. It's never a good thing seeing these photos considering the fact that I really need to lose at least 10 pounds.