Jul 28, 2011


After we got back from Hawaii, we spent a day at my parents' to recover (i.e., we slept some 20 out of 24 hours). I had a handful of shots left on the Kodak Portra 160 roll (still undecided on how much I like this film) that was loaded, so I fired some off in the good old kitchen dining nook. I've already posted a bowl of tea eggs before, but they just really evoke "home" and comfort to me. And how very Asian to have this extra kinda ugly clear plastic covering over the nice linen tablecloth. :P

Eating from the garden during the summertime is one of my favorite parts about home in NJ. With all that my parents grow back there, they could set up a little farmer's stand of their own! I suppose that's one con for city life - I can't just be like "Oh lemme just go in the yard and cut these hydrangeas from the hydrangea tree!" or "Lemme go make an entire dinner from the backyard." You may think that'd just be a dinner of vegetables, but you'd be amazed at how many bunnies cross our yard...

Just kiddinggg. (Well, no, we DO have a bunny problem in the yard but we're not about to braise Thumper just yet.)


  1. those are some great looking vegetables that your parents grow!

  2. What kind of Mariage Freres tea were you drinking? My favourite is Bolero--more floral and lighter than most people's fave, Marco Polo. It's excellent iced, too!

  3. I've never seen any Asian households having clear plastic over tablecloth, just in Asian restaurants.
    We don't have any vegetables this year, yet we still have some deer problem.

  4. those rascally bunnies are just begging to be photographed. ;)

    and what photogenic eggs! my goodness.

  5. @Rona, this was the Marco Polo! I'll have to try some of the other varieties. I love the packaging. :)

  6. When I lived in Japan, Mariage Freres was my go-to tea shop (loved the waitstaff in white linen suits, though now they do white cotton/poly blends, yuck!). I tried to make my way down the list of flavoured teas, but there were just too many! Their coconut tea goes smashingly well with chocolate, btw, but stay away from very smokey lapsang souchongs! A friend got one, and it was so smokey, the odor made my dessert taste like bbq!