Mar 23, 2011

This weather can't make up its mind

So it was maybe 80 degrees last Friday and it's currently 34 and hailing and storming. Did it not just turn officially Spring a few days ago?? Did we not get enough snow this winter? Hmmmmm? Well, this picture from Portland that I have yet to share felt appropriate.

Click for a larger size. I love the amount of detail you can get on medium format film. I feel like you can almost see individual tree branches and monkey bars in the playground in the distance! I think I've only been sledding once in my entire life and it was on a flimsy "sled" that my friends and I fabricated out of the plastic lids of storage containers. It was still fun.


  1. I totally feel you on this, Alice! I am ready to pack up my winter clothes, and it's still so cold in Western PA....

    I *really* want to try medium format, you are right - the detail is amazing.

  2. What a beautiful photo!

    The weather is so temperamental.

  3. you've been sledding only once?! it's like all i did in winter when i was wee. :) i vow to somehow go sledding again, even though i'm way too old for it now.

  4. Great photo, nearly monochromatic with hints of color. Stark.

    Nice to hear someone use the term "monkey bars"
    Haven't heard that one in awhile.

  5. Oh dear, after a long winter you may see no more snow or have outside the front door. But it's still a beautiful photo. I like the red slide.

  6. Hehe that's the east coast for you :) At least you got to enjoy 80 degree weather, it's a constant 6-10 celcius here... (too lazy to convert haha)

  7. oh wow, you are back to snow? we have really nice spring weather here in switzerland at the moment, I hope it will stay like this :)
    great picture and I love sledging!!