Mar 29, 2011

Abraço on fuji provia

Slide film is wicked cool. And it's extra cool on medium format because each exposure is a pretty sizable little picture ready to be viewed with the help of a lit white background. Note, by cool I mean 'awesome.' No one would seriously wonder which definition I meant, but I was chatting a certain someone earlier about how "cool" the Provia results were, and what followed went something like this:

J: As in high white balance temperature
Or in a good way?
A: X_X
J: That's a legitimate question!

So I figured I'd clarify.

I guess the problem with slide film is you have a lot less room to screw up. If you overexpose, that's no bueno. If you underexpose, that's no bueno either. There's much more freedom with print film. Oh yeah, and slide film costs more to develop. Oh well, I still think the results are neat and really want to try the Provia 400x (these results are from the Provia 100f). I've got some Astia in the Contax right now so I have that to look forward to for now.

I don't need to explain Abraço and my addiction, right? :)


  1. LOL! Literally, at work. o.O

    Thank you for sharing your excursion through the film experience. And no, there is no longer any need to explain your addiction. Those who don't understand that need to go back to page 1 :)

    And thanks for your support; I guess you would understand that odd phenomenon best!

  2. I think that whoever you were talking to asked you to clarify is SO CUTE. It takes a super nerd to be so devoted that they ask that!

  3. These actually have some blue cool hue to it but it's so warm to look at.

  4. just shot my first roll of slide film about a month ago and immediately fell in love when the slides came back. darn the expense though! thanks for the lovely shots!

  5. I think "J" is picking up your hobby :)

  6. These are really pretty! I'm intrigued by the whole slide film thing, since I have to admit, I don't quite understand it. Do you have to have a projector? I did take a photography class at my local botanical gardens and all the photos my instructor used as examples were slide film. They were also really "cool" and I loved them all - it was actually kinda a bummer, because in the end, no matter what he taught us, our digital shots were not going to look anything close to his crisp slide film stuff.

    These are lovely shots! Also, first time commenting, I think... really enjoy your blog & photos!

  7. They really look awesome, yes!

  8. I think a bit of underexposure will make colours richer on slide film, happy trying it out, these are beautiful =)