Mar 20, 2011

His and hers ii

Hello! Firstly, let me thank all of you for your kind comments on my last post. I was seriously overwhelmed! Your support and well-wishes mean a great deal to me and I am so happy to have you all aboard for this adventure. I admit that I do definitely get terrified once in a while about not getting to where I want to be, but I just need to remind myself to take baby steps, dream big and keep the big picture in mind.

Secondly, in the last "his and hers" post I did, I ended wondering if I should make a series out of it and received enthusiastic responses, so here is the next episode. This is a more his-focused post, because my look was lackadaisical at best. This would be a great excuse to go shopping, but I've gone and spent all my money on letterpress business cards. Oops.

I call this the warm and fuzzy grey suit. He usually likes to pair it with purple. I'm giving you a peek at some suspender action this time too.

I got a good 6+ inches of hair chopped off on Saturday at a great cute little salon in the East Village - Lovemore & Do. My hair grows so fast that even though I'll usually feel slightly remorseful after a dramatic haircut, I get over it pretty quickly. It's a bit shorter in the back and longer on one side than the other, totally a new look for me.

Nothing special to see here. Wearing a combination of Zara (linen shirt), J.Crew (cargo pants!), H&M (the flower pin), Rosegold (booties), and his Seiko watch. :)


  1. Just gorgeous! I wish we could get Zara here in Australia. You always look beautiful. Will you share photos of your letterpress business cards, pretty please?

  2. I love the hair. It's a great look for you!

  3. loving the fashion shots. and cute hair cut!

  4. your hunnie is SHARP!! and i love that you're wearing his watch hehehe

  5. his cuff links are cute & I love your haircut & brooch :)

  6. Loving the the close up of his-looks, can picture it in a mag!

  7. looking good! your haircut is adorable!

  8. Yay! for continuing the "his" & "her" looks as a series! :)
    Also, thank you for introducing me to the word lackadaisical - I've never heard that before. Great writing! Also, your haircut is super fresh! Love it!
    Any upcoming posts on those letterpress bus. cards? Doesn't everyone love letterpress?! Swoon.

  9. You say 'Lovemore & Do' and I think of boxing. LOL

    Great hair, great look (finally, someone designed attractive cargo pants!) and Jimmy is one seriously smart dresser.

    Killer garden.

    I agree- want to see your business cards!

    I can only speak from experience, that when I do exactly what I love to do, everything I desire to have and achieve at that point in time falls into place. Go for it.

  10. ZZ Top comes to mind...

    Baby steps, yes. Should be good.

  11. Soooo much awesomeness! I wish I could wrangle Chris into doing something similar but he is rarely interested in fashion and even less interested in having his picture taken. Oh well.

    Also, your hair looks adorable! I'm getting ready to hack all mine off tomorrow afternoon in a similar fashion. Like you, my hair grows faster than a speeding bullet, so doing something dramatic isn't too big of a deal.

  12. I am in the same boat as you: freaking out that I am behind in accomplishing what I want to and am never going to catch up. But in the end you just need to take things one day at a time, work hard, and stay true to yourself. Success will surely come.

    LOVE this him and her series! If my fellow had more interest in clothing I would do the same, haha!