Apr 12, 2017

Ultra pink

Apparently pink is all the rage right now. I've been guilty of eying a few pink pieces myself that I would have never considered back in the day (particularly this sweatshirt that I'm kicking myself for not picking up before it disappeared in almost all sizes, ugh.) But, these ultra pink strappy mules from Loeffler Randall also satisfy my pink and chunky heel desires (use code EVENT17 for 20% off). Ooh, and how pretty is this peachy pink shade sandal?

Now that I've completely gone down the pink sandal rabbit hole, you can find more of my picks below. I could do this all day...


  1. You have such a way with "mood" colors, Alice! And those mules look very comfy and gives any look a pop of color.

  2. Beautiful. Dying to see your pictures of Cartagena by the way!