Sep 7, 2016


If you put an embroidered cat on your clothing item/accessory, chances are I'll be the easiest sell ever. I first spotted the long-sleeved version of this on Matches and immediately added it to the wishlist. Then I was in London over the past weekend and walked by the Bella Freud store by chance. I was afraid the sweater was a Matches exclusive but the boutique had this short-sleeved version. Done and done.

For other crazy cat ladies like me, you might also like this embroidered kitten boyfriend tee, or this poplin shirt. Oof I am such a sucker!

Culottes by ALC
Mules by By Far


  1. Oh yeah, I'm feeling good about this. Very good. Those culottes too are A+


  2. Love this outfit! Those pants are gorgeous! <3

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  3. the whole color is just wonderful, alice! the top is veeeerrryyy nice and the pants are out of this world. okay, where's the pin button because i covet!!!

  4. I'm far from being a crazy cat lady but this is certainly a good outfit! <3

  5. Love this outfit! And the cat is so cute :) X

  6. Awe, cats on things are so cute. Usually a little too cute. That cat actually looks exactly like my cat. I like the way the color and silhouette keep this cat sweater modern.
    Likely By Sea

  7. Love a good old paperbag pants! It goes perfectly with your meow top!! You look cute!

    xo Margaret |

  8. "Oof I am such a sucker!" - Tru dat.