Sep 1, 2016

A moment with La Prairie

For the launch of La Prairie's newest product in their Skin Caviar line, Essence-In-Lotion, I created a short video to highlight the beauty and ethos of the brand. Huge thanks to Jessi for being my muse and starring lady for this.

Please do watch with sound! I wanted to share some of my favorite stills from that day too. We were fighting some crazy weather. It'd go from four seconds of sun to twenty minutes of ominous clouds. By the time we went in for a lunch break, there was torrential rain for the whole rest of the day. So the few shots I got in during the sun are extra special to me.

Thank you to:
Her the Label for the perfect navy swimsuit, Brick & Wonder for the killer pool, and Piaule for the beautiful towel.

In collaboration with La Prairie


  1. love the tones and calm mood. that location also looks sooo dreamy (although I guess it wasn't as dreamy outside on that day :P )

  2. this blog is becoming a lil bit too trashy.

  3. Always in love with the way you take lights and shadows in your lens!

    xo Margaret |

  4. absolutely exquisite photos!
    you're such a great photographer, alice! :)