Aug 25, 2016

Is it fall yet?

A few weeks ago I got to spend a few days at a model home upstate, which made me crave fall weather with its warm wood paneling, moody light and textures, and wood furniture throughout. Though, I'm probably the only person who wants summer to be over...

Look 1: Loewe Sweater (sold out) / Vince Skirt / Margiela Boots

Look 2: Vince Turtleneck / AG Jeans


  1. Absolutely stunning; you, the house and the photos.

  2. You're not the only one; summer is my least favorite season. I'm ready for fall.

  3. Such a lovely shoot. Lovely styling too :)

  4. The house is perfect, and so is your styling and the photos. Can you tell me the name of the lipstick that you were wearing in Look 2 (turtleneck sweater & jeans)?


  5. You are not. I dont like summer (o er and over again) and can not wait for fall...over and over again.