Aug 4, 2016


Fringed shirt hem and fringed shoes – too much? I ran out the door in this yesterday and didn't even realize my shoes matched my shirt until after the fact. Also please forgive the resting bitch face. I blame it on the need to squint in the bright evening sun.

I do love these shoes, but given how much I walk in the city, they'll be black-smeared in three wears. The sales associate made me size down a full size in them but I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing that because of feet swelling in the summer (half a size down might be best). Here's to hoping they will stretch. If they weren't so damn tight on me, they'd actually be incredibly comfortable walking shoes. Just an impractical color for this city.

Fringe top by Kaelen
Clutch by Loewe
Wide pants by JCrew


  1. I looooove these shoes. I want them in black so that I can feel particularly like a witch in Salem. You look gorgeous as usual :)


  2. Well, this isn't too much of fringe if they are minimal. I have come to realize that my rushed up dressing sometimes come out fabulous and creative. If I however were to deliberately go on fringes, I would make it just on one of my outfit pieces. I don't think I am yet bold to wear more than one fringe piece.

    This look is refreshing...

  3. Why do you feel the need to apologize for your expression?

    Otherwise, nice look.

  4. God those shoes and pants are more CRINGE-Y than FRINGE-Y.

  5. Tricky isn't it , to find the perfect time to create that shadow in the picture while the light doesn't look too harsh on your face! Oh that's also the reason why I dun wear loafers kind of shoes in summer (no one wants sweaty feet!!)

    xo Margaret |

  6. Big big love to those shoes. Hope there aren't any scratches yet!

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