Oct 6, 2014

A long weekend in Seattle

I was in Seattle for the first time a few weeks ago and really had the best time. And though I brought my Sony a7r, I didn't put it to much use, so all I have are these sporadic iPhone shots from the short three days I was there. I'm missing a ton of great places I went to, but I've included everything in a list at the end of the post – a little mini-guide, if you will.

1+2) Breakfast at The London Plane (basically if I see avocado toast on a menu, I have to order it) and cute little zinnias right outside

3) A late night at Canon (don't miss the Angostura Bourbon nuts!)
4) Victrola Coffee - first stop after arriving in the city

5) Probably my favorite place I had coffee in Seattle – Milstead & Co
6) Of course, how could one miss Totokaelo on a visit

7+8) Squeezed in a drive up to beautiful Lummi Island for dinner at Willows Inn

9) Lunch at the airy Westward
10) Breakfast at Sitka & Spruce (and probably one of the most Instagrammed windows in Seattle)

11) Another quick coffee stop at Anchored Ship in Ballard
12) Why does it seem like every shop in Seattle has amazing light?

13+14) The perfect final meal at The Walrus & The Carpenter


The London Plane
Sitka & Spruce
The Walrus & The Carpenter
Willows Inn (if you can make the drive)
Molly Moon's


Les Amis


Needle & Thread
Tavern Law
Milstead & Co
Anchored Ship


  1. Because of the larger dimensions, the pictures in your previous post provided a much clearer and better look at the subject matter, so does the use of iPhone instead of a full-featured camera dictate the maximum dimensions of the picture, or did you crop the pictures to reduce the overall size of the post?

    While on the subject of slicing and dicing images, even at the risk of making an absolute fool of myself, I would like to suggest that you should run your images through an application that offers the most rigorous lossless optimization of images possible; some lossy optimization applications or implementations do an excellent job of optimizing the images for the web, as well.

  2. Love these photos! It's incredible to realise how much the iPhone camera can do!

  3. Thanks for the recs. Can't believe I haven't really explored Seattle and it's so close to Van.

  4. I've only been to Seattle once, but I fell madly in love with it. I think your iphone pictures did a great job of capturing the mood and the light!

    Lucca was one of my favorite shops as well - they're such great curators.

  5. I love these little Seattle moments you've captured :) So beautiful.

  6. I only spent 3 short hours in Seattle wandering at the Pike Market and some coffee shops. I hope to get a more comprehensive look at the city next time!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  7. The cute little Zinnias are actually Dahlias