Jul 21, 2014

Spanish Moss

There was no shortage of these poetic Spanish Moss trees (I'm mostly sure that's what these are, but please correct me if I'm wrong! *Edited: Ah! I stand corrected. The trees are Live Oaks and the flowering plant on them is the Spanish Moss.) in Louisiana just outside of New Orleans. I'm kicking myself for not taking more photos on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain with all the beautiful negative space, trees and benches. As always, anything you see here is available as prints (if you ever fancy one – let me know and I'll send rates). I do think this first one would make a fine large print.

Mandeville, LA 70443


  1. I live on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and the trees are Live Oaks - the Spanish Moss is the plant/moss hanging off of it :) So lovely to see your photos of the area!

  2. Also - would you mind sending me rates for large prints of the first lovely photo? amalecke@gmail.com. Thank you!

  3. This looks so beautiful and peaceful! xx

  4. Amazing, as always.

    X O


  5. Hi Alice,
    would you please send me the rates of the first photo? I'm after a wall photo for my living room. I sort of had a view with a window near the sea in my mind, but maybe this tree photo will do the same magic.. Anyway, I will let you know once I get your email. Also I live in Sydney. Julialemonn@hotmail.com.

    thank you!


    1. Hi Alice, thank you for your reply. I am actually having second thoughts about the idea, but of course this will be my first stop once I decide.

  6. Wow. The first would make a fabulous print!

  7. WHAT! These trees look straight out of a fantasy. So beautiful.


  8. ooh yes the live oaks down there are SO pretty! i went to New Orleans recently and on a whim went to visit a plantation. in the suburbs of Louisiana. I think it was called Oak Alley.. they had a mile long row of live oaks lining the road up to the mansion - it was just gorgeous!.


  9. Hi Alice! I'm in love with your photography/work/style. I was wondering if I could get quotes on prints for the first photo. I'm from New Orleans, but currently live in DC, and this photo makes me miss Louisiana. My email is mamina at gmail.

    Thank you so much! :)