Jul 17, 2014

Amulette III

There's something to be said about the power of an understated but classic accessory piece that can bring a little magic to any old outfit. In the final stage of my project with the Amulette de Cartier, I'm taking the pendant out of its dream world and bringing it to reality and daily life. Though, to be perfectly honest, these are still the filtered pretty views because most days you'll find me cooped up at this computer in my fancy sweatpants with an overflowing messy desk. I've been working on some ongoing projects that I know will be rewarding, but have pretty much wiped out the idea of free time this summer.

It's been surprisingly "mild" this summer (as far as my memories of NYC summer go), which has been great as I'm much more of a jeans/pants girl than a skirts/dresses girl. I often cut through this park on my walks, as it's much prettier than the alternative. I keep thinking about how nice it'd be to just park myself on a bench and get some summer reading done, but I find that the city's pace and energy can make it hard to sit still in one place for long.

[Everlane Tank / MiH Jeans / Hermès Sandals ]

One early morning last weekend, Jimmy and I headed to Bowery Coffee, which used to be one of my favorite spots. They've since changed a few things and don't offer pour over anymore, but truthfully, I go for the Doughnut Plant cake donuts anyway. That morning, we had the blackout chocolate (devoured before we took these photos) and blueberry donuts.

[Everlane Shirt / Imogene + Willie Jeans / Giuseppe Zanotti Flats / Illesteva Sunglasses]

It's been a fun challenge envisioning the Amulette in these different scenarios and attempting to transfer that vision over to photos where you, too, can imagine the thought process and interpret in your own way. If you've missed any of the other posts in this series, see part one or part two here.


  1. Love the looks and great photos!


  2. Beautiful colors!

    Love this blog :)

  3. such a beautiful blog! hope to do a collaboration sometime!



  4. beautiful photos. the simplicity of your outfits is always a favorite of mine. effortless and just simply lovely to look at.

  5. Great feature for them. Love the graphic — very vogue-esque!

  6. Love this photos series. Also, in love with your outfit style: so simple and classic!

  7. Beautiful! I love the combination of the blush-toned blouse with the dark-rinse skinny jeans and the necklace. Also the thought of donuts is making me drool :')

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  9. I just love the simplicity of your outfits. The pendant adds the right amount of elegance to your casual looks.

  10. I really like your outfit, you look so cool and classy. The color combination is beautiful. I love your Hermès Sandals! The summer here in Switzerland has also been very mild but I prefer hotter summers. Maybe the weather will change during the next weeks:)

  11. Hi Alice,

    May i ask you what is the size of your Kelly bag? Is it a 30 cm or a bigger size?
    The leather seems to be taurillon Clemence but perhaps it is Togo?
    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Laetitia -- The Kelly is a size 32 in Togo. :)

  12. Hi Alice, Thank you very much for your answer!
    The bag in this shape and this leather is perfection.
    I have just discovered your blog and i really appreciate it! Thank you!