Jun 8, 2014

The Poplin

I'd been excitedly waiting for this one, even making a mental note of its launch date. The moment the Everlane poplin shirt hit the website, I ordered a white one. When it came, I was stoked it wasn't too long (like so many of their other styles for us petite folk) and that it was machine washable, so I got another one in navy (also because I managed to stain the white within 20 minutes of wearing it). Now that it's starting to get a bit uncomfortably warm for my liking, I'm retiring my silk shirts, which unfortunately comprise, like, 90% of my wardrobe. I'm trying to build a practical but still chic summer wardrobe. Of course, what I dream about having are Hermès and Celine linen shirts and shorts, but I have to start somewhere...

Outfit one: Shirt / Pants (similar, as I can't find the exact style) / Shoes

Outfit two: Shirt / Skirt (old J.Crew) / Shoes (last season Chloé)

For sizing reference, I'm wearing an XS but could probably do a S too; I like these type of shirts to be a bit oversized/breezy.

In other summer wardrobe updates, I've also picked up this Rag & Bone dress in both white and chambray (both on sale now!). They're totally tent-like and will be very welcome when the humidity spikes up. And you don't have to pay full price like I did. Damn.


  1. Alice I love the shirt (and the necklace from your earlier post) but the BAG steals the show! Hooray for seeing it in all its glory and it looks like it is already getting lots of love and wear. It's the perfect bag for you (and Zoran approved as we know).

  2. Gosh I just love your style! So sophisticated and simple!

  3. I can't help but agree with the other two, the shirt looks great on you! I was on the fence about the poplin shirt, but you've convinced me it's worth the plunge. I love button down shirts, but obviously in summer that's just asking to be an embarrassing ball of sweat. Glad the poplin worked out, and I can't wait to get my hands on my own!

    PS: Seconding what Katherine said, your bag is gorgeous.

  4. Looking so chic! These outfits are very you! Love them:)


  5. I really like the way we're headed for simplicity nowadays. It's elegant, and beautiful. And yeah, hooray for navy because I also keep staining my stuff. My god, I'm so bad at keeping clothes clean :(


  6. You look absolutely fantastic in the poplin shirt. I didn't jump quickly enough on collection launch date - I'm waiting for the next batch to get mine :) You exude such gorgeous simple style.

  7. Perfect blouse!! Simple yet sophisticated :)


  8. Love the d'Orsay flats! Your style is great -- simple sophistication.