Jun 2, 2014

100FA Vintage | Milan

I've been a little all over the place in terms of sharing travel posts in a chronological order. I completely forgot I had these photos from Milan that I wanted to post. One afternoon, we wandered into this great antique and vintage shop, 100FA with the help of our guide that day, the very kind Emanuela of Milano Secrets. There were some killer pieces in there, and we found out that a lot of the good stuff was actually being rented for the upcoming design week, so their inventory was lower than usual.

After some extreme sticker shock when I asked about a small vintage chalkboard (I mean, extreme and I have a pretty good stomach for sticker shock), we peeled ourselves away. Despite that, it was a fun visit and I'd recommend exploring the shop if you get the chance.

Viale Col di Lana 8
4° cortile
20136 Milan, Italy

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