May 16, 2011

Just popping in

As I am slowly digging myself out from a growing and daunting to-do list and full calendar for May, I have missed being able to put together a real blog post. Yesterday's day began at 5am and we got home wearily at 10pm (never take the local NJ Transit... it's like a game of "how many stops can we possibly make between Trenton and NYC!?"). Below is a snap of me resting on Penn's campus, where I was yesterday to shoot some graduation and family portraits for a lovely friend.

Although I brought the Contax, I just about only used the digital because when you have a big group and the campus is swarming with people who may get in the shot, there's only so much you can do with one 80mm lens (not to mention people people blinking!).

I'll share some shots from that soon. In the meantime, my new Kate Spade tote makes its debut on here, doubling as a overly cute camera bag with this insert. Totes aren't too practical for the actual shoot though, even when you have an assistant lugging it around for you... (thanks, J :D).

I suppose I can't complain about having no time because I'm too busy doing fun things... like tonight's Lopez de Heredia wine dinner I'm just about off to! See you back here soon. :)


  1. hello I'm doing a small exhibition I was wondering if you could vote on my blog to help choose, thank you!

  2. I just adore photos of you. And those shoes! Please share where they are from! I'm hoping online for me here in Australia. Enjoy dinner beautiful lady.

  3. What a perfect tote!! I love it! It's so great for summer

  4. such a cute bag! i'm so tempted to do something like this instead of lugging around my gigantic camera purse everywhere...

  5. So darn cute, Alice!

    This could easily be an advertisement for Kate Spade!

  6. Love the new Kate Spade tote! Actually, I just splurged on this really cute miniature crossbody bag from Kate Spade:,default,pd.html

    It's really tiny, but I love it anyhow :)

  7. alice,
    so adorable!
    i must know where you got your shoes.

  8. wooo- what a cute bag!! inserts are so versatile. i have one too that i put inside a diaper bag to carry my camera gear. not as fashionable as yours, but functional enough, ha!

  9. I always love when you post photos of yourself! So cute and stylish.

    In love with that Kate Spade tote! Lucky lady. :)