May 9, 2017


I've long wanted to visit Joshua Tree National Park; visions of purple-y dusk skies and bristly Joshua trees dotting the horizon fed my photographic sensibilities well. Of course I wasn't exactly prepared given my limited time on this trip. I didn't even pack sneakers. So my ability to properly explore was limited (every five steps, I'd have to empty my sandal of rocks and sand), but it was a worthwhile visit nonetheless. I realized how much I love the desert landscape on this trip, much more so than beaches or mountains. I love the dry heat and how quickly it cools down when the sun goes down, and I love the natural textures that are so lacking in my city life.

ft. Protagonist skirt and top
Permanent Collection sandals


  1. So jealous of your ability to capture the essence of things...I like photographs that look like photographs! If you're ever in SoCal again, I would love to take you out for coffee/lunch. I promise in a non-stalkerish way. :)

  2. Amazing! Love the green and the slides are cute too:P

    Shall We Sasa

  3. Beautiful post
    The PInk Pineapple
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  4. Hi Alice! What's the model of the camera in the photo?

  5. Love the composition and layout of your photos!

  6. Hi Alice, amazing photos as always! May I ask what lip color you are wearing?

    1. Ooh I can't remember, but it might have been the Nars 'overheated' color

  7. Stunning photographs, and I absolutely love your outfit! The photo set with the texture of your dress and the stone is beautiful x

    cait / cait rammy

  8. These images are absolutely stunning! Loving how that green stands out amongst the scenery :)

    Heather x |

  9. Beautiful images! I truly love your style. I just discovered your blog and I am so glad I did. Very inspiring. The images where you compare the line of the dress to the crack in the rock - brilliant and so beautiful!

    Jahaila @ Girl Nesting