Nov 23, 2016

A classic in the bedroom

Chances are, you've seen a USM piece or two in your life but may not have paid too much attention to them. That's not because they're unremarkable, but instead because their design is so classic and discreet. It's only when you get closer to one and really look at the details that you realize what a versatile and highly functional piece it is. I've personally admired the pieces from afar but only recently received my first – a storage unit in the beautiful 'anthracite gray.' Ever since I moved into this apartment, I bemoaned my lack of hidden storage. I have plenty of great open shelving, but what about all the junk I don't want to put on display? And it turns out these drop down doors are completely removable and I can keep adding and building more layers if I wanted to in the future.

For a truly custom piece, there is a configurator that allows you to build the piece of your dreams basically. The colors and possibilities feel endless.

Beautiful and functional – music to my ears. This is surely a piece to last the ages.

Thank you to USM Modular Furniture for this most functional gift.


  1. The design indeed is a eyecatcher and a classic :-)

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

  2. Looks really nice and practical. I'd love to have one of those in my own apartment here in Austin!