Jun 14, 2016

Things finished iii

I've been hoarding a few of these empty containers so I'd have enough for a post on my things recently finished. I'm trying a little something new here – if you hover over the image and click the little plus-sign icons that come up, they should link you to the product pages.

From the top left and going clockwise, let's start with the Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo. This is my usual go-to shampoo since I definitely suffer from various scalp problems. I've gone through multiple bottles, but I'm currently trying something new by Klorane.

This candle broke, or rather exploded, on its own one day while it was burning toward the end. I guess the glass got so hot that it couldn't handle it – yikes. It made for some pretty and dramatic shards though?

I was so excited about Emma Straub's latest book that I might have emailed the publisher to try and get my hands on a copy before it came out. I'm biased since I like her other books so much, but this one may be my favorite yet.

This tinted moisturizer needs no introduction. It's probably a favorite of many, and I can see why it continues to be so popular. It leaves a weightless feeling and the SPF is a much welcomed bonus. I love the smaller sized one for my travel dopp kit.

The next one is kind of embarrassing to report on. Apparently it takes me so long to finish a foundation that this particular one by Bobbi Brown is discontinued. I'm not much of a foundation gal, because I'm lazy with my makeup routine and foundation just seems like so much effort. But for the days and events where I knew I might be photographed, this was my favorite for so long.

Ever since Kristy sang the praises of Drunk Elephant products, I've been hooked. I use almost the entire line in my day-to-day routine. The serums may be my favorite of the line though. If I'm having a rough skin day, I actually look forward to washing my face at night with their cleansing bar and then slathering on the night serum – I swear it helps smooth out minor breakouts by the morning.

Speaking of brands I use every day, I also love the whole First Aid Beauty line. I know I can trust their ingredients to not irritate my skin. These facial pads were great after cleansing at night, because they made my skin feel extra clean. And as gross as it may sound, I liked them especially for clearing those pesky dry skin bits around my nose.

Ok that was a mouthful, maybe I won't hoard so many for the next set!


  1. This is such a nice idea for a post! I've been wanting to try Drunk Elephant but I can never justify the price. Also very scary that a candle can explode??? Cute post!


    1. FYI - Dermstore.com (not affil) has a summer sale (code: SUMMER) that's 20% off a lot of things, including Drunk Elephant. Free shipping + returns, too..

  2. I've been wanting to try Drunk Elephant for ages, but sadly not available in my country!

  3. I tried Drunk Elephant because the sales pitch seems really good. But then I 1. had an allergic reaction to one of the serums (hard to tell which because I was using both the day and night one and then 2. the products (despite claiming being super duper safe etc etc) have Phenoxyethanol in them, sadly. So I switched to Herbivore Botanicals.