May 7, 2015

Lincoln Black Label at Home, NYC

I first worked with the Lincoln Motor Company on a road trip from Nashville to Austin last summer to promote their new MKC. I'm happy to be partnering with them again to experience their new Lincoln Black Label collection, a new line of interior themes with unique ownership privileges. It comes together with the cars themselves, and with their Black Label at Home program—where houses across the country have been reconsidered with interior design inspired by the themes and materials of the new collection.

Each of the four themes in the Black Label collection was designed with a specific personality in mind, and I went straight to the source to learn more. Lincoln Design Manager Janet Seymour says, "The goal was to reach out and appeal emotionally to a customer and their own personality and taste. We've tried to create as much differentiation between these themes as possible so we can appeal to a broad cross section of customers out there." 

After visiting the space in Manhattan’s Union Square and seeing the interiors, I tried to visualize how these “emotions” of diverse personalities could translate into food. Theme-by-theme, I paired ingredients that I felt best complemented them.

The Center Stage theme transports you to a swanky post-theater lounge with its striking black, white and red scheme. You also might feel like you've gone back to the '20s. Black leather and suede contribute to the drama of this theme. Janet talks about how the intent was "to create an interior environment where there's a surprise and delight, with an accent color called Foxfire Red within a black interior." Of course, it only seemed fitting to find a fiery red pepper (these are bird's eye chilies) to illustrate this theme's pronounced red detailing as well as this theme's target customer who is expressive and isn't afraid to make a statement about themselves.

Probably the most elegant of the four themes, Modern Heritage is for those who appreciate clean lines and a modern aesthetic. It is Janet's favorite (and mine too). Although the overall color scheme felt similar to that of Center Stage, the proportion of white made the rooms feel much more airy and open. The simple furniture lines and graphic art in both the living room and bedroom also made this feel much more modern.

How does this translate into the culinary world? These breakfast radishes are classic but never boring. The surprising bite you get at the end of the radish is like the surprise of the subtle red stitching that punctuates the white leather interior of the Modern Heritage car. More needs to happen with radishes.

Indulgence is an indisputable nod to the pleasure and allure of chocolate. The car interiors are the very color of a chocolate bar. Likewise, the Indulgence bedroom and kitchen are rich with shades of brown and contrasting textures, from the fluffy stools at the edge of the bed to the striped wood in the kitchen. This customer is looking for comfort and a cozy dark interior.

Translation? While I love a good dark chocolate bar myself, I have more of a savory-tooth and my indulgent savory counterpart is some good old prosciutto. I consider it such a treat.

The Oasis theme also very much mimics its namesake, with the cream and tan colors of the car interior and open-pore wood appliqu├ęs inspired by an actual oasis. The rooftop in the penthouse space was quite a haven in this bustling city. It had its own pool and multiple seating areas. I felt like I could easily spend all my time up there with a good book. In the bedroom, the same soothing neutral shades are repeated. I'm a sucker for succulents (yes, still!), and there were little guys scattered throughout. I felt a combination of lemon verbena tea and a sweet melon would be ideal for this environment.

Janet says Lincoln is "constantly looking into the future" and has already been working on more Black Label themes to come. I'm excited to see what personalities will be added to the mix.

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Lincoln Motor Company.


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