Dec 10, 2014

Bits from Paris

It's no secret that shopping in Paris is terribly fun and dangerous, especially with the Euro as cheap as it has been recently. I was feeling a little extra indulgent as I recently just spent my birthday over there. Over the past two and half years, I've been lucky enough to visit the city four times now. To me, there's almost something easy and comfortable about returning there. I never feel pressured to cram my schedule, because I know I'll be back soon enough. I spend my days there just as how I would spend a leisurely day in NYC – walking a ton, having long lunches, and visiting my favorite shops.

From this trip, I picked up a few more goodies from the usual suspects: Astier, Byredo, magazines from Colette, the new Halzan bag from Hermes, and a varsity jacket from APC.

My favorite Parisian, Nicolas of Telescope Cafe (which I wrote about way back when), gave me one of the best birthday gifts ever – these darn cute ceramic cups that Le Petit Atelier had made for Telescope a while back. On my last visit to Paris, I had been trying to get my ass over to Le Petit Atelier but found that they had closed up the shop. These made me so ridiculously happy, and they will be well used for sure.

I'm a complete sucker for Byredo packaging. They make such good props too that I couldn't resist a new hand cream and a candle from their holiday line. The cardamome scent is complex and heavenly.

It's almost too pretty burn. Almost.


  1. alice! I want everything. you have the chicest style :)

  2. loving the curation of all the items here. you have such amazing taste.

  3. Lovely choices as usual. Classy!

  4. You got the Halzan in the end!! Congratulations. Can't wait to hear all about it. Happy belated birthday, Alice.

  5. the best way to enjoy a vacation is not to hustle, but to relax :)

  6. Haha, buying hand creams as props, I totally 'hear you'! What lovely finds and buys (and gifts!). How I love the magazine selection at Colette! They stock Peut-etre magazine (the magazine I write for and edit!)! ;)


    Brigadeiro's Blog

  7. Love the varsity jacket. Paris sounds like a wonderful place to be right now!

  8. Great picks, the jacket looks amazing !

    Charlie xx