Aug 13, 2013


Apologies for the radio silence here. Juggling work travel and blogging is not my strong suit. So I'll cheat a bit and share some links of things I've been involved with recently —

+ Industry of One did a thorough write-up of me and my background. It's so funny to read about yourself from a third person's perspective.
+ Marlene from Chocolate Cookies and Candies did a fun Q+A with me on somewhat less serious matters.
+ My friend Ashley shot me in my space for an upcoming Rue online feature. Stay tuned! Peek here and here.
+ I participated in Mercedes-Benz's CLA Take the Wheel campaign in Miami last week. It was a campaign shot entirely on iPhone for Instagram and was quite the experience.
+ I made it to the (a site I check daily) homepage for the Club Monaco Fall Social Lookbook shot by Justin Chung back in April. Holy smokes!
+ Another cool cameo – find me on the Spotify app 'Search & Browse' page! Shot by my friend Chris.

Back to regular programming soon! I've got a fun giveaway coming up as well.


  1. That interview is done so well! It's nice to read an interview that's a little more in depth and asks specific questions. I love following your feed...quite the inspiration.

  2. Hi alice, i would love to know what are your to-go editing processes for of all your pictures?

  3. You're just the coolest. Can't wait to get the film back from our shoot! <3

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Alice. I'm totally rooting for you to keep that Mercedes. Team Alice!

  5. gorgeous shot - hope you are the one who gets to keep the Mercedes :)

  6. it is so so great getting to know your journey closer! i miss your entries though :)

  7. Loved the feature on you. You being quiet on the blog is a little sad but at least it means that you're working on a lot of cool things at the moment! Oh btw I am going to get a smart phone so watch out for me on instagram heh, I'll let you know.