Jan 18, 2013


Well, thank you for the chiming in on the last post! Thought that I'd just hear crickets after hitting publish on that one. If I can find the discipline, I'd love to do a follow-up with full outfits for each pair of boots. This week, I also have some pretty white fringed tulips and tree peonies from 2hflowers adorning my dining table and desk. Thought I'd spread some of the cheer they bring me.

(I swear, my apartment could be a Mud Australia advertisement. Ever since they opened up on Crosby Street, there's been some magnet drawing me into the store every time I step within 10 blocks of it. I do love my newest acquisition — this teapot and cup.)

I know this photo fills one too many hipster/design-victim stereotypes. Deer antler, mason jar of flowers, and stack of books for show? Yikes.

Happy weekend, and here's hoping for more regular posts again!


  1. The mason jar flowers are beautiful! I'm terrible with identify flowers — what are those pink ones?

    I will have to check out Mud Australia. The main image on the website, plus the products featured here, already have me curious.

    I look forward to maybe seeing the follow-ups to that boots post.

    1. The pink ones are the tree peonies. :)
      I might as well sign over my proverbial paycheck to Mud. Seriously.

  2. Ugh, even though that photo is full of hipster stereotypes, it's gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for deer antlers - always will be! I love their neutral color and organic shape.

  3. Love how you photograph flowers Alice. Do you know that I drive past the Mud Australia shop a lot in Sydney but have never been in! I guess you can overlook what is in your own backyard - how embarrassing. I'll stop off there this week!

  4. well, hipster stereotypes are there for a reason -- because they're so aesthetically pleasing. ;) I may have to invest in a few more myself hahaha.


  5. the cup and pot are gorgeous. and the set-up in the second photo is gorgeous, too, 'hipster' or not.

  6. I have to succumb to the mason jar phenomenon and just buy one! Welcome back!


  7. gorgeous, love the teapot & the second photo, regardless of any hipster status :)

  8. Those pink flowers are the perfect pop of colour to add to a room!
    May I ask what type of flowers are they?


  9. Hahaha the antler-stackofbooks-flowers combo may be hipster, but it sure does work! Great photos, once again :)


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  11. i wish my place is more hipster and design-victim like!!

  12. please keep posting, Alice! beautiful work!

  13. I love how you photograph the simplest things and make them look so attractive. You certainly have an eye for details.

  14. That's such a cute teapot. And I'm gonna check out that book by Schulman - looks like a fun read!